The Liebster Award!

So I’ve been nominated for the Liebster Award by a supercool blogger who I wish I could be more like… but I can’t draw so there goes all my hopes and dreams.

Liebster is the German word for favorite, beloved, or dearest. This award is meant for smaller blogs with less than two hundred followers to help expose them to the world and help them discover other new and upcoming bloggers.

This is my first blog award thingy… so I still don’t quite know what I’m doing and I’m still at a super baby blogging level but at least I have something to polish daily now.

Now I finally have a use for that extra award room that I’ve been dusting

So without further ado here are the 10 questions that SSM chose:

  • What’s your pet peeve?

Let’s see… for some reason, 3 came to my head quickly so I guess I’ll just put them all:
When people misspell the country “Colombia” for “Columbia”. For some reason, it makes my eye twitch a little more if the person/people are Hispanic (I’m looking at you, certain Cuban supermarket that may or may not be Sedanos).

Not closing the bag of snacks/food after using it. You’re just going to leave the bag open like that and put it away? Really? But that’s how stuff gets all stale faster and non-crunchy and… bllehh. It’s even more pet peeve-y if they’re doing it at my place but I usually just close it each time without saying anything.

When I realize the cheese has gotten all hard because someone left the bag open

Leaving the cap off the toothpaste. Yup, I’m one of those people. Seriously though, when you don’t cap it, it gets all gunky and gloopy and then you can’t even close it if you wanted to! YOU’RE PUTTING THIS STUFF IN YOUR MOUTH!

  • What’s your “go-to” book/game/movie?

Hmm, well let’s see… I’ve read Harry Potter like 10 times but I’m a big fan of A Song of Ice and Fire as well… I should reread it since there’s still no word on when the other book is going to be released 😦

I have too many games! Right now, I’m still trying to play a bunch of them and I’m fairly new the the video game thing (pretty much started playing only like 5 years ago) so compared to many people I know who started when they were 5 years old, I’m still pretty much at infant game level. I don’t have a “go-to” one yet to play over and over again because it usually changes after a few weeks/months, but I love watching people play scary/stressful games since I can’t play those without freaking out and jerking in real life which causes my character to start shooting with the accuracy of a storm trooper as someone is about to stab them in the face.

This is what my character does while I freak out in real life. It’s not very effective for game progression

Movie… I seem to like rewatching comedies with other people (but I usually won’t rewatch anything on my own). I loved watching Inception though, but the movie I could probably rewatch all the time would be The Fall. I just can’t get over Tarsem Singh’s imagery, it’s so beautiful and lively and bright.

Looking for an image and seeing so many awesome ones makes me want to stay up and watch it again


OMG! Well since you didn’t say that it had to be something that I own, I’m going to say… LIFE ALERT! Just push a button and help will come to your location? Phht, that was easy, peace out kidnappers! If it has to be something that I own… well, I guess my phone? But seeing how kidnappers probably won’t let me call anyone or use the internet it kind of loses its point. I’ll bring my wallet and maybe try to convince them they can use my credit card. That way at least there will be a lead when people realize I’ve been missing 😀

  • What is your guilty internet pleasure?

Oh no, bro. Probably Reddit… but lately it’s been the stupid Steam card collecting/selling so I can get badges. I have shamed my past and future generations.

  • The cartoon show you grew up watching every day after school is?

Oh geez, well the first thing that comes to my head is Power Rangers and the second thing is Wishbone. Those aren’t cartoons though, but I didn’t watch anything else after school. D: Oddly enough, I wasn’t really a huge fan of any cartoons while in elementary school… they kind of bored me and I would usually change the channel when a cartoon came on (I apologize to all I have offended with this statement). As I grew older, I became more of a fan of cartoons though – Benjamin Button style.

  • Someone asks you to name a newly discovered star, what do you name it?

Its name would be a sentence. “My Life Is Like A Fart” (haha, get it? Because hot gas..?)

This is probably what stars say to themselves all the time

  • What song is stuck in your head right now?

Hmm… I don’t have one stuck in my head right now… let’s see. OMG BRAIN QUICK! FIRST SONG YOU CAN THINK OF! …it turned out to be the Folders coffee song. Thanks, Brain.

  • Tell me something new that you just learned about.  

Diphenyl-isatin is found in prunes and is responsible for its laxative effect. Sorry guys, I had an exam today and it was the first thing that popped into my mind (because I guessed and got it right!).

  • What is your favorite quote?

“People say nothing’s impossible, but I do nothing every day!” -Winnie the Pooh

Thanks, Pooh. Your motivation is very inspirational

  • The zombie apocalypse is now upon us, what new name and back story do you decide to take on in this new world?

New name? Umm… maybe Stephanie I guess? Wait, back story? Like I can be whoever I want? Phht, screw that lame name then! My new name can be Kimchi and I’ll be like that one girl from the movie Hanna. I trained all my life to be a ruthless assassin and secret intelligence people were after me; killing and escaping from zombies will be a piece of cake! I’m totally surviving this calamity.

I would tag others in this but the people I currently follow have already been tagged this week 😮

I should find more blogs to follow…

One of my greatest shames: My E-Peen

I like playing games. It doesn’t usually matter if it’s an MMO, a puzzle game, RPG, or a happy little indie game, whatever it is, as long as it’s fun and not too serious or competitive (I’m looking at you Dota 2), I’ll play it.

I’m really bad at first person shooter games though. Like, embarrassingly bad.

Steam makes it possible so that all my games are accessible from one location and I can still chat to friends without having to freeze my game up each time just to respond. Recently, Steam has added cards that you can collect for certain games… these cards also give you the ability to use them to craft game badges.

Kind of like that only no one ever looks at them and they won’t help you survive or help you gain real world experiences. But you know… similar.

Unfortunately for me, I love collecting things that don’t matter in life. Achievements, levels, badges… at first I tried to resist. I ignored the card drops I received and tried to just convince myself that I need nothing to do with them.

Then I discovered trade-bots and my cards became impossible to ignore.

See, how they get you is that for the eligible games, they drop half the amount of cards that you need to craft that particular game badge. In order to get those remaining cards, you either have to trade for something else in your inventory or… buy the cards from the community market. For real money. It’s pretty much the same method drug dealers use when trying to reel in new customers.

These little cards work on something that reminds me of a stock market. A card market? Their value grows and drops over time and even depending on the time of day. I’ve been spending the past day or so figuring out the most efficient way to do this. I use bots to trade and collect when the value is low and selling when their value is high. I use my profits to collect cards for a particular badge and then kill those cards by crafting them (sorry, cards).

Collecting these badges is like being a crazy cat person. People don’t see all the cats that you have and you don’t want them over or they’ll see how many cats you have… also, because it’s a cat palace and the place is messy and smells like cat shit.

“Oh Steam badges, I love you all so much… do you want another friend? Yeah you do.”

Badges give absolutely nothing. I’m aware of this… but I can’t stop myself. My e-peen needs to be fed. I figure, as long as I’m not spending any real money, I’m okay, right? Guys?

I had more to write about this but my breadmaker is producing the most wonderful aroma and I can’t concentrate on whatever I’m doing.

TL;DR: e-peens are serious business.

“I liked you better with long hair”

I used to have long hair. Like, down-to-my-waist hair. It was nice I guess. I could go to school dances with intricate hair styles, people would compliment me on my length, I could give myself a full beard and mustache… but I’m lazy. I hated sitting by the mirror, spending 30 minutes carefully sectioning and straightening my hair to the point of wrist cramps. When I was too lazy to straighten it (which was often), it would lash out by settling for a not-straight-but-not-wavy hair type and so nothing would look quite right.

An accurate representation of my face on many frustrated mornings

Leaving it down would look like a frizzy mess and got in my way, putting it in a ponytail would look like a frizzy horse’s tail and any other way to style it quickly would just look like those black and white infomercial people because my hair lacked volume and/or curls or full waves.  I didn’t care if people said it looked good even without styling because I just I didn’t like that look.

Maybe no one I know will see me today.

Even through all that though, I still liked my long hair. My mom tried to convince me to chop it off for many years… but I couldn’t. It was a part of me. I had it long my entire life and, what was most important to me at the time was that other people liked it too.

“I love that tumor growing out of your hip” “Oh, well then in that case, I’ll keep it!” What other people like is probably not the best to go by.

On the day of my brother’s high school graduation, inspired by a cousin’s cute new haircut, I finally decided to do it. Just chop it off.

I loved it. The freedom! The airflow! The time and resources saved on keeping my hair straight! It was glorious.

“Now I can feel air on my neck even while I’m on the computer!”

Over time, I went shorter and shorter. I loved how it looked and how little attention it needed to look look decent enough to be seen in public with.

Micheo’s accurate model showing my subsequent Hair Evolution

After a couple months of having shorter-than-shoulder-length hair I realized something felt different but I couldn’t seem to put my finger on it. Since I’m very bad at noticing things, it took another year to realize what it was: I was no longer getting attention from males.

Where before there would be uncomfortable moments in venues/clubs where males would try to insist on buying me drinks, now I wouldn’t even be asked to dance. Even the inappropriate catcalls from construction workers froze completely. My relief (because none of these situations are ideal) slowly turned to concern, “is it because I’m getting old? Is it my BRF? Is my body language scary and angry? Does this have to do with why I can’t make friends?!” My carefully remodeled self-confidence began to waver.

I didn’t understand what as going on… I hadn’t really changed much… other than my hair. Could that be what it was? Nah, that would be silly. I had gotten many compliments on my hair from females in many different locations, ranging from class and the supermarket, to that one time in the public restroom while I was washing my hands.

“I can only pee while thinking about how great your hair looks, bro”

I decided to ask a few male friends, and after dismissing their suggested “maybe it’s your hair?” I decided to just see for myself through my trusty friend, Google. The reply was instant. TONS of posts on blogs, polls, yahoo answers all saying the same thing- that a majority of guys do not find short hair to be attractive. Huh.

Even a writer for Elle talked about her short hair experience which sounded eerily similar to mine. Even a survey conducted at the University of Central Florida concluded that short hair was just… not seen as attractive.

Apparently, what I see vs. what guys see when we see short haired females

“Wait, sooo… that’s it? Phht, awesome!” My mind was put completely at ease. So I guess it wasn’t because people were suddenly able to see my inner-beluga, but instead it was because of something as insignificant as short hair. So, me being somewhat stubborn and (most of all) also greatly loving my hairstyle (finally loving it rather than being so “meh” about it for many years) am not interested in changing my hairstyle for that. I do what I want! Suck it short-haired haters!

Death By Fan

So over the weekend, I was reminded of a belief that I had read about years ago: Fan Death. Now this is the popular South Korean belief that you can/will die from leaving a fan on in the room while you sleep, somehow removing all the air from your lungs while you peacefully dream yourself to death.

A bad idea waiting to happen

This belief isn’t just told by well-meaning mothers, but also by doctors, lawyers, etc. Over there, it’s a real life threatening situation that should be avoided at all costs. In order to avoid fan death, just simply turn off the fan! Now the fan can’t kill you and you live for another day.

Only people not afraid to look death in the face should own a fan

It’s kind of like the monster under the bed/in your closet that won’t come out to kill you if you have your nightlight on, only in this case, it’s a friendly object in the day, and an assassin at night.

It waits until you have your guard down before striking its lethal, oxygen removing blows

This belief reminds me of other ones that I’ve heard from my concerned mom. She has this unwavering belief that if I go outside in the cold (cold being any temperature 70 degrees or lower) with my hair wet that I will get sick. Not just a possibility of getting sick, but a full on guarantee to catch a cold. Another one is that if you are already (or even just slightly) sick, (no doubt, because you went outside in the cold with wet hair) that you will become more sick if you ingest cold beverages/foods. This also applies if you’re getting better. If you make the mistake of drinking even room temperature water (because room temperature is not warm) then you’ve just prolonged your sickness.

Pretty much my reaction when I realized my mom was microwaving my orange juice for breakfast

As I eventually grew older, I realized this didn’t make any sense, but my mom’s beliefs were re-cemented after my respiratory doctor said the same (is this a Hispanic thing?). I would try to show my mom how incorrect this theory was by drinking cold juice (because warm orange juice is just unpleasant) in order to prove how faulty it was. Low and behold… I would get sicker. Every. Single. Time. It wouldn’t matter what I had before I drank the cold cup of regret. Sore throat? Now you have a sinus infection! Runny nose? Hope you love coughing! You were just getting better from the flu? Let’s make you as sick as you were when you were the most miserable. When I would only drink hot beverages, I would be sick for a shorter amount of time than when I was trying to prove something to my mom. My tiny act of rebellion was all for nothing.

I tried to prove my mom wrong but it didn’t work and now I have to keep drinking warm juice

As a result, there’s now this voice in the back of my head that whispers to me that if I drink that entire glass of cold juice, I’ll get sick. “Lies, little voice! I studied biology! I know things!… but maybe I shouldn’t… just in case…” I’ve found myself telling friends they should just stick to hot tea when they’re sick, because if I tell them to just not drink anything cold.. it seems… weird.

I don’t believe drinking cold stuff will make you more sick, but when I’m getting sick I’ll avoid it anyway, you know… just in case… but I totally don’t buy it…

Hopefully I’m not the only one who’s heard of these types of things while growing up. What were some other ones that were/are heard?